This Story About Anne Hathaway Sending Back Her Breakfast 4 Times Is Absolutely Insane

Very ballsy move.

Random story making the rounds this week involves Anna Hathaway on the set of a Japanese commercial she was shooting when she suddenly went into full-on elite superstar mode. According to the catering team Anne ordered herself some breakfast — a poached egg, English muffin and avocado — but sent the dish back 4 TIMES because she was never happy with it.

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Here’s the breakdown from the caterers:

1st try: Poached egg too runny.

2nd try: English muffin was cold because it sat while egg #2 was being poached.

3rd try: Egg #2 cold because it sat while chef toasted muffin #2.

4th try: Egg, muffin and avocado were perfect, but it took so long she decided she was in the mood for a fried egg.


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Really, really ballsy move from Anne Hathaway here. Having worked in catering I know what caterers do to your food when you make life difficult for them. Sure someone like Anne Hathaway is probably used to her meals being perfect every time but if there’s one thing you don’t do, famous or not, it’s try and pull power moves on people who work on catering. Those people have total control over your food and can fuck with your meal in ways you never even imagined. It’s just not worth the hassle. Think about it Anne, would you prefer that your eggs are a little runny or that they taste like the chef’s ball sack? Maybe I’m just a pussy but there’s no way I’m sending back any meal at any restaurant more than once.

An especially savage move asking for something different altogether after the 4th try even though it came out perfect. That’s just asking for something like this to happen to your food.


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