Man Gets Shot, Calls For An Uber To The Hospital Instead Of Ambulance


No surcharge that day, obviously.

Why would someone not go straight to the hospital after getting shot? Maybe if they’re a criminal, perhaps? What about if they don’t have medical insurance? This happened in America after all, where there’s no lovely safety blanket of universal health care like we have with the NHS.

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Perhaps the gun shot victim is living some kind of Mr Yuan lifestyle, and was keen not to go to hospital should his multiple girlfriends all turn up at once?

Whatever the reason is, we don’t know for sure why an unnamed 20-year-old man in Grand Rapids, Michigan, called an Uber taxi instead of an ambulance Thursday morning, no matter how cheap they might be.

It might have something to do with the fact that he was drunk when he was picked up at a J Gardella’s Tavern.


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Here’s what the Uber driver, David Heinicke, told WZZM 13:

I tried to get him to go to the hospital, he would not do it, refused to do it.

Looked like a handkerchief or something tied around his leg, trying to stop the bleeding.

You could see right into his leg and the big crease down his pants where something had obviously hit him in the leg, and he later told me he had been shot by a .22 pistol.

Luckily the gunshot wound wasn’t life threatening and the man was finally convinced to go to the hospital. Police are still trying to work out what exactly happened. As of yet no arrests have been made.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Uber drivers dealing with the business end of crime. Remember what happened when a guy robbed a shop and then tried to use an Uber as a getaway car? If you don’t, check it out.


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