Man Dresses Up As Zombie, People Shit Themselves

confused zombie

A guy dresses up as a zombie and chases people, who, it’s fair to say, shit themselves. Another side to the zombie invasion.

confused zombie

The world is going crazy for zombies at the moment. The Walking Dead has had a bigger impact than anyone expected and some weirdos think it’s now okay to just go out and eat the face of a homeless guy because it looked like burnt bacon, or to  kill and eat someone probably because they’d run out of money for a KFC, or even to stab yourself until your intestines fall out and then throwing the ropey slugs at the cops. Well, fvck you The Walking Dead. You’re an awesome show and I love you and I’ve spent many a night crying under the covers with a tin of canellini beans at my side for nourishment in case the apocalypse does break out, after watching you, but you’ll never break me. NEVER. Unless, of course, you make someone really scary in real-life become a zombie on the show, someone like Joanna Lumley or Denis Irwin. Then, I’d be fucked. I’d eat the tin of canellini and then just wait patiently for you to come…

Seeing as America was shocked and scared by the recent outbreaks of fvck-ups it was only a matter of time before someone picked up on it and made something funny/cruel – whichever way you think about it – for a chance of their 5 minutes of fame. It’s a simple idea, really. A guy has dressed himself up as a zombie and has got one of his boyz to film him running around the streets, scaring people. I’m not too sure if the guy even looks like that much of a zombie, like surely they should have their guts hanging out or their ribcages showing or their eyeballs dragging across the floor, blood spilling out of them like a bird projectile vomiting in town on a Saturday night. However, it’s still funny to see people’s reactions and how they can get shit-scared so easily. The zombie-guy’s got some balls, too, he doesn’t seem to give a fvck – even when a gun is pointed at him at 2:00, check it – until a massive dude chases him away. I want to make friends with the massive dude when the zombies do come, that’s fo’sho’.

Zombie-lovers, unite!

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