Making A Murderer’s Steven Avery’s Lawyer Teases A Big Announcement

Could Steven Avery finally be going free?

It’s been a long time since Making A Murderer enthralled the entire world and Steven Avery is still whiling away his time in jail trying to get released, but his lawyer Kathleen Zellner is teasing a big announcement coming up soon – could it be his freedom?

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Given that she’s acted like this multiple times over the last three or four years and nothing has really come of it, I wouldn’t be so sure that that’s the answer, but still it’s probably worth paying attention to as no doubt it’s something that will push the Making A Murderer case along a little bit more. Here’s what Zellner decided to tweet over the weekend:

I mean that does look like it’s going to be something really doesn’t it? Like I said though she has said stuff like this a bunch ever since she took on the case so I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t anything that big. Definitely keeping my eyes peeled and hoping that she has finally uncovered the truth and we can lay all this stuff to rest finally. Here’s hoping.

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