Kathleen Zellner Is About To File Papers That Should See Steven Avery Walking Free

Zellner Avery

Could it finally be?

There have been so many twists and turns in the Making A Murderer saga since it first appeared on our TV screens about three years ago, but one thing remains the same and that is that Steven Avery is still in prison, despite the fact that many of us believe that he’s innocent of the murder of Theresa Halbach.

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For the past three years Avery’s lawyer Kathleen Zellner has been working hard to prove his innocent and find out just who murdered Theresa and she made an announcement yesterday that she believes she’s about to file some papers that should eventually see him walk through. Here’s what she had to say in full:

In one week, we’re filing the appellate brief, so we’re going to file all of this information with the higher court. We’ve got a record that’s 22,000 pages.

The higher court is going to review all of this new evidence. After we file, the state will file their response, and then the court will have an oral argument, and then they’ll make a decision. Whatever decision they make, it’s going to go to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. So even if we win, the state will still force it to be decided by the highest court in Wisconsin.

You must, if you can, create reasonable doubt by having an alternative theory that matches the evidence. That’s when you’re most likely to win a murder case.

My goal is to not just to find the constitutional violation to get Steven Avery a new trial, because many people are convicted again in their second trial. I am trying to get the evidence to what I believe is the truth of what happened, so that there won’t BE another trial.

She clearly sounds pretty positive about all this and has also revealed that she’s been given a tip that is ‘just jaw dropping’ – she tweeted about that last night:

Big news. Apparently they discovered three sets of bones in the pit previously and only one of them was DNA tested. Needless to say, if this testing is allowed by the courts, then Avery could indeed one day walk free in the very near future as it would destroy the prosecution’s entire theory. Stay tuned for this because it could very well be the one we’ve all been waiting for.

For more on the Steven Avery case, click here – there’s been a hell of a lot of developments since each series finished now.


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