Magaluf Bouncers Beating The Absolute Living Shit Out Of British Couple At Hotel (VIDEO)

This is why you don’t mess with bouncers abroad.

It’s not a great time to be a British person abroad unfortunately – first we get decimated by the Russians in Marseilles and now this couple are over in Magaluf rucking with bouncers.

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Via the uploader, Jakub Matejko from Manchester, who shared the video on Facebook:

I’m so disgusted with the staff SAFE 4 u working at the BH Mallorca hotel … guards picked up on a girl because she threw a plastic cup at one of them, the guy went up to her and slaps her so her boyfriend trying to protect her jump in and end up with broken head and bleeding from eyes.

They even kicked and punched the girl afterwards as you can see on the video, this is not what should be happening at four star hotel.

The guy was not moving, and the guards were still kicking his head in.

Helpless and purple with the force the guards been using, is this what you get when you go on holiday with your 2nd half?



Robbie Hoffman picked up minor cuts and bruises but her boyfriend Alex Henderson came off considerably worse:



And that’s what happens when your girlfriend picks a fight with two bouncers who are much, much bigger than you. I mean who did she think was going to end up with a busted nose and fat black eye at the end of all that? Not her that’s for sure although she did pick up some minor scrapes. Poor Alex though – hope she’s made it up to him.

A BH Mallorca Hotel spokesman said:

The management of BH are as troubled as everyone else by what is shown on the video yesterday.

The guests were not staying at BH Mallorca, they were visiting for the day and refused to leave at closing time.

We do not condone the use of violence & we have been working with local authororities since last night to establish exactly what happened before and after what is shown on the film that lead up to this incident.

To watch a Geordie bouncer body slam a drunk reveller into complete oblivion, click HERE.


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