Incredible Work Out Video By One-Armed Dude

Ericson has one arm and a butt-tonne of grit.

Luke Ericson was born with his left arm and the majority of his left lung missing. That’s a tough break by all accounts. But this fella is made of sterner stuff, and he can do more press-ups and pull-ups with one arm than I can do with two (and probably three).

As if having one less arm wasn’t bad enough, a couple of years back Ericson got diagnosed with diabetes too. Rather than hang his head and mope, which must have been tempting, he turned the other cheek. Ericson decided he would get himself super fit and inspire others to do the same.

Good on you Ericson. Check out his inner and outer strength here:

It puts most people to shame. I’m off for a jog now. Not really of course, I’m too tired. But you don’t need to be thin to be fresh. Check out this overweight dude smash it up at a skate park.

Remember folks, you’re all beautiful… to me, any way.


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