330 Pound Fat Guy Rips It Up At The Skate Park

Fat Guy Skateboarding

I’ve never even seen a fat guy skate, let alone someone that was any good at it.

When you watch skate videos, you pretty much always see some skinny guy in cargo shorts or jeans like Bob Burnquist or Scott Stevens ripping it up busting out tricks and that’s pretty much what you always expect to see in every single one.  I’m pretty sure that you never ever see a really fat guy like this dude down at the skate park or skating in any videos I might have watched because it’s just not something that happens – I mean skating is hard enough but it’s probably going to be even harder if you’re carrying a tonne of extra weight and don’t even do any exercise to begin with?

Well, whilst I don’t doubt that statement at all, the dude in this video has decided to defy convention and has gone out to learn how to skate and stuck at it and and actually managed to become a fairly decent skater. Sure, his tricks are ugly as shit and he doesn’t look good when he’s skating, but the main thing is he got his fat ass down to the skate park and actually managed to learn how to grind and kick flip and ollie, which is more than a lot of us can say. Respect.


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