Lord Alan Sugar Facing Backlash For ‘Racist’ Tweet About Ian Wright’s Suit

Not again, Lord Sugar.

I’m not sure anyone in history has ever had more embarrassing Twitter gaffes than Lord Alan Sugar, but sure enough the 73-year-old tycoon put his foot in it again over the weekend.

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Lord Sugar had been watching the Arsenal Vs Chelsea FA Cup Final, which Ian Wright was providing punditry for on the BBC. At one point, Spurs fan Sugar Tweeted the following:

Oh dear. Is that Tweet necessarily racist? Maybe not, but you’d think Sugar would choose his words more carefully especially in the age of social media in 2020 where people’s racism radars are on high alert. Not to mention other accusations of racism against Lord Sugar recently, and a separate racist Tweet he made years back comparing the Senegal football team to beach sellers. I mean surely when he typed out that Tweet about Ian Wright, the idea that it could be interpreted as racist crossed his mind?

Here’s the fallout on Twitter:

It’s a weird one. I don’t think Lord Sugar is dumb enough to be openly or even suggestively racist on Twitter after the last time, but why even say that Ian Wright’s suit would be too “dark” to wear on the beach? Would he have cracked the same joke if Gary Lineker had been wearing it?

Remember this Tweet from 2018?

Luckily for Sugar he’s too rich and powerful to be ‘cancelled’, but he should probably start thinking before Tweets. Or at least not drinking before he Tweets.

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