Limp Bizkit And Lil Wayne’s New Song Is About As Dumb As You Would Expect It To Be

Limp Bizkit Lil Wayne

If you were ever wondering what the dumbest musical collaboration could possibly be then look no further.

Thanks to Sad Religion for bringing this important musical milestone to my attention yesterday. So yeah, you probably didn’t notice but I think back in October or something Limp Bizkit announced that they had left whatever major label they were on after nobody really bothered buying Gold Cobra, and decided to join Lil Wayne’s record label, Cash Money Records alongside other great artists like um T-Pain, Drake and Nicki Minaj.

It seems kind of weird that Lil Wayne would be interested in signing Limp Bizkit considering they’re not even half as famous as they used to be around the turn of the millennium and everyone else on his label seems to be really successful, but I guess he must be a closet fan or he wanted to meet Fred Durst and blaze up with him or something.

Either way it happened and it didn’t really make sense and not that many people really noticed. I doubt anyone expected them to be releasing a new record any time soon, considering it took about ten years for Gold Cobra to come out. Of course, people that noticed Limp Bizkit linking up with Cash Money Records probably thought that maybe if Limp Bizkit did actually release another new record that MAYBE Lil Wayne or some of the other hip hop artists on his label might collaborate with them on a song or two, but I’m sure the people that had those thoughts pushed them out of their head almost instantly as their brains exploded from thinking about how terrible it would inevitably sound.

Unfortunately though, even though everyone in the world probably knew it was a bad idea, Lil Wayne still decided to do a guest verse on Limp Bizkit’s latest single, which is called Ready To Go and is the lead track from their new album which is called Stampede Of The Disco Elephants (cool title Fred, what are you, 11?) and doesn’t currently have a release date. You can check out the song at the bottom of the article but here’s my two cents on it.

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Limp Bizkit Ready To Go

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Bear in mind that I am a ‘fan’ of Limp Bizkit – I wouldn’t want to say fan because I don’t wear a red cap and listen to their songs all the time but I think their riffs are pretty heavy and their songs are catchy and Fred Durst’s rapping is hilarious – but I was fairly underwhelmed by this effort. Sure it starts with a great opening line – ‘Go fuck yourself’ – and the drums are pretty heavy but I just thought the guitars were too noodly and not really heavy enough and the chorus was a bit too in your face and not really that catchy or memorable enough.

Of course there are some great raps from Fred Durst though – ‘Yeah it’s Freddy D, the public enemy, you know the one who had Britney dropping to her knees’ and ‘I came to rock, all she wants to do is roll, now she’s at my house sliding up and down that pole’ are my personal favourites – but again the guitar sounds too lame and it all sounds a bit out of time/rushed.

When Lil Wayne finally appears he seems to sleepwalk his way through his verse – he sounds like he just walked into the studio and busted out a freestyle after never hearing the song because it isn’t really in time and has a really weird rhythm and just sounds kinda like a massive mess. There’s a couple of parts where he just says the same word over and over again while he struggles to come up with some rhymes and a flow after it. It’s weak. And it gets even worse when he adds some ‘yeahs’ and ‘come ons’ over the chorus. His voice/style just doesn’t fit with Limp Bizkit at all, it just sounds stupid. But you’re gonna want to check it out anyway, because it’s Limp Bizkit and Lil Wayne so how could you not, right?

Oh yeah and apparently DJ Lethal has left Limp Bizkit too because he parties too hard. Bummer, ‘DJ Lethal, BRING IT ON’ was probably the best part in any Limp Bizkit song.

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