Listen To This Guy Prank Call Miami Police Claiming That He Just Killed 4 People In Lil Wayne’s House

Worst prank phone call ever.

Last night it seemed like the days of 2Pac and Biggie and real rap were making a comeback when police rushed to Lil Wayne’s Miami mansion following a phone call about a shootout, but alas, it turned out to be a dumb prank.

The guy called police claiming to be at the residence and asking police to make their way over for a firefight, adding that he’d already shot four people:

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Not the most convincing prank call ever, but obviously you’ve got to take these things seriously. Not even sure the operator believed him/seemed bothered about it all.

What did Lil Wayne have to say about it?

Eloquent put as always. Though if this had been for real, we know the main suspect Lil Wayne would have been looking at.


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