Liam Gallagher Once Snorted His Own Skin To See If He Could Get High From It

Worth a try.

Although Oasis broke up well over ten years ago, the Gallagher brothers (and their well documented fallout) have continued to hit the headlines with their scandalous behaviour.

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Particularly Liam – from calling James Corden a ‘knobhead’ to throwing stones at Jamie Oliver’s house and demanding bacon rolls (lad), the singer’s managed to keep up his rock ‘n’ roll persona.

The latest in Liam’s weird and wonderful world – the frontman revealed he once tried to snort his own skin to see if he would get high from it.

For As It Was, a new documentary about his life and music, Liam told filmmaker Charlie Lightening about his belief that the band was destined for success thanks to a higher power of sorts:

There some f***ing ­activity going on that we weren’t aware of. Whether it’s aliens or spirits. But we were going to be in this world-famous band. Someone was making plans.

He then went on to describe the time he huffed a line of his own skin like it was the most normal thing in the world.

I had psoriasis and people thought it was cocaine. People thought I was scratching it off my head and snorting it and rubbing it on my gums and s**t. So I thought I’d give it a go.

But it did nothing for me.

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You should try everything once, as they say – even if that means ingesting the aftermath of a psoriasis attack. Classic Liam behaviour right there.

Speaking of which, read about the time he slept with Lily Allen on a plane, then tried to cover it up when his missus found out.


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