French Letters Of Longest Living Titanic Survivor Rose Amelie Finally Translated


The letters detail just what it was like on the Titanic and to be saved from its sinking.


Amongst this elegant audience were seven to eight young couples back from their honeymoon : several were not unknown to us, we had met them in our stay in Egypt.

On the afternoon of April 12th, it was a Sunday, the music played on board had been playing on several occasions Gounod’s Ave Maria, La Veuve joyeuse, etc. It was very cold : we were near Newfoundland. I had to go downstairs [one the lower decks] in my cabin to warm me up.

A French boat, « Le Touraine », je crois I think, had transmitted « Beware. Icebergs. » But! The president Bruce Ismay assured us that nothing was to be afraid of, that the Titanic was [invicible? unsinkable]. The last evening was particularly turbulent animated: concerts, ball, festivity.

And yet all this couldn’t chase the indistinct anxiety that was still tourmenting me.

I even did not change my clothes, I didn’t feel like it even if all around me the ladies were competing in style between themselves.


Towards eleven o’clock: Mrs. Stone and I went to bed.

Three quarters of an hour later, as the liner was cruising at full speed, a terrifying shock threw us out of bed.

We were intending to find out what was happening, when a passing officer told us “It is nothing, return to your cabin.” I answered “Listen to that loud noise, it sounds like water is flowing into the ship.”

Upon our return to the cabin I saw that our [female] neighbor from across the passageway had gone back to bed.

Her daughter arrived in a panic, yelling “Mommy, quick quick, get up it’s very serious.”
I helped Mrs. Stone to dress, she took her lifebelt and told me “come quickly.”

I was trembling, and still in my dressing gown, I took a coat, my lifebelt, and followed her on deck.

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