Here’s What Happens When A Lesbian Touches A Dick For The First Time Ever

Lesbians Touch Penis First Time

‘I do dream about having a penis an awful lot.’

More and more of these videos seem to have emerged over the past few weeks – with the most recent being watching lesbians make out with men for the first time – but this one has jumped a few steps forward in the chronology by filming lesbians touching a dude’s dick for the first time.

The video is SFW (providing you’re able to watch a naked guy with a blanked out square around his dick look like he’s getting jerked off by a variety of women) but you’re probably going to want to listen to it with headphones because it doesn’t exactly hold anything back when they’re commenting about it. It’s pretty weird hearing their first reactions of it, for what I’m sure is so natural for most people reading this, one way or the other.

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Well, that was about as awkward and as weird as I expected it to be. You’ve gotta give props to the dude who just stands there letting these lesbians mess around with his junk and then pretty much but not really diss him about it. I mean they’re not really dissing him but they’re hardly being that nice to him about it are they?

Nice one for volunteering so we could all share this wonderful experience anyway dude. For more of the same (kinda), check out straight girls explaining why they sometimes have sex with other girls.


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