Straight Girls Explain Why They Sometimes Have Sex With Other Girls

So that’s why.

I would say that the vast majority of girls I know have had sex with other girls and aren’t really too adverse to admitting it either. If ever I asked them why though they would come up with all sorts of different answers with stuff ranging from ‘it’s just a bit nicer’ to ‘because they know what they’re doing’. There’s never been one definitive answer and normally when I broach the subject with them I’m a bit loaded so I never remember anyway.

So that’s why it’s great that YouTuber Jaclyn Glenn has created a video where she asked a bunch of straight women to explain why they have/have had sex with other girls. As you would expect, the answers are fairly diverse and insightful but obviously never boring.

There’s also another video below that’s from Glenn’s YouTuber buddy Arielle Scarcella who decided to follow it up by asking lesbian women why they sometimes went after straight women. It’s basically a whole load of sex so if you’re into the ‘mysteries’ of lesbian sex then you’re probably going to enjoy these videos.

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So there you go. Don’t say we don’t ever provide you with anything useful and educational here on Sick Chirpse. If you enjoyed that, then you probably want to check out these sex shop stories from people who work at Ann Summers. Again, your mind will be blown.


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