Leo DiCaprio Putting An Absolute Beatdown On Life At The World Cup

Name one person on this planet you would rather be than Leo – you can’t.

The thing that makes Leo DiCaprio the sickhead that he is is that he can just show up to the Brazil/Croatia game yesterday dressed as a Brazil fan and just fit right in without anyone questioning it. Just unreal swag levels:

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News then drops this morning that he’s rented out Man City owner Sheikh Mansour’s £400m super yacht, the 5th biggest in the world, so he and 20 of his boys can sail around getting fucked up and hanging with the hottest women on the planet in between hitting up all the football games.

You can’t name one person you would rather be for a day than Leo. Putting the beat down on the Kardashians, then on Justin Bieber, and just generally on life. So Leo it hurts:






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