Leo DiCaprio & His New Girlfriend Put On A Show For Haters Criticising 22 Year Age Gap

Go Leo Go.

Everyone knows that 44-year-old Leo DiCaprio only dates women in their early 20s and dumps them as soon as they hit around 25, but according to US Weekly he is very serious about latest girlfriend Camilla Morrone, 22. 

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Here they are enjoying their holidays in Positano, Italy this week:

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Leo has been dating the model since January 2018. Could Camilla Morrone really be the one to lock Leo DiCaprio down for good? Many have tried and failed to bring an end to Leo’s bachelor ways – Gisele, Blake Lively, Nina Agdal, the list goes on.

Here’s a chart showing how it all works (VIA):

Looks like things are different with Camilla though. He takes her out in public everywhere, shows her off to the world etc. Has Leo finally met his match at age 44?

Time will tell…

For the time Gisele explained how she had to ‘numb’ herself with drink and smoke to cope with dating Leo, click HERE. Sounds like Camilla’s handling it just fine.


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