Leo DiCaprio Flew In 30 Women For Private Party At Brazilian Nightclub Then Took 80 Women Back To His 400 Million Super Yacht

Just another day in the life of Leo.

Leo flew in 30 women from around the world into Brazil and then combined them with a further 50 women he met at a nightclub which he personally rented out for himself and drank champagne all night long before taking everyone back to his £400 million super yacht.


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A source at the club said:

“Leo had bottles and bottles of Dom Perignon champagne going around. Some of the girls taught him to dance to Valesca Popozuda’s hit Bejinho no Ombro — Little Kiss on the Shoulder — he loved it so much he asked the DJ to play it again and again. He was really sociable and kept wandering from one woman to the next. He seemed keen to have a good time with all of them.”

“At 4am he took some of the girls back to his borrowed £400 million superyacht which was anchored nearby. They were still partying at 6pm on Saturday evening.”

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Yep, that’s how you know you’ve truly made it in life. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt with your own face on it. Telling the Kardashians to go fuck themselves, telling Justin Bieber to go fuck himself, ripping Brazil to pieces. Leo fucking DiCaprio.



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