The Weirdest And Fattest Korean Guy Ever Has An Even Weirder Food Fetish

korean food

Fattest and weirdest Korean guy has an even weirder food fetish. Watch and become shit-scared as his laugh and belly eat into your soul…

korean food

Do you know how hard it is to find a picture of a fat Korean guy, other than Kim Jong-un? It’s really hard. Think about it, how many overweight Korean guys have you ever seen apart from the metabolically challenged dictator with the slick haircut? I’ve seen two. Kim and the guy you’re about to see.

You know there’s a shortage of something when a Google search doesn’t bring anything relevant up, and that’s what happened when I searched for fat Korean guys. I guess it’s like typing in ‘Nick Griffin without a bonk-eye’ or ‘Joey Barton not being a twat’. These things are rare and should be treasured. Like a Gary Pallister football sticker.

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I don’t really know or understand how this guy managed to upload this video to the net because I automatically assumed Kim Jong-un has banned his nation from the use of the internet and any other form of technological entertainment because he wants to drain the joy and knowledge out of his people like a dentist drains a root canal.

Perhaps he’s actually Kim’s rentboy/lover and lives in his cushty little room that’s hidden under one of Kim’s mansions or something. Or perhaps he’s actually Kim’s twin and prefers to order takeaway food (how does Kim allow his people to enjoy what they’re eating?!) rather than dictating a nation. Or, perhaps he’s just an intelligent spaz who’s managed to find a way around his country’s web-codes or whatever and because he can’t Instagram pictures of food, has decided to film himself eating food as an alternative? The urge to upload pictures/videos of food to the internet is a strong one. I’m even doing it now.

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Anyway, this guy is one of the weirdest/creepiest/fattest guys you will ever see on the internet. And not just because of that moustache. His laugh will find you in your nightmares, his teeth will chew through your tongue, his belly will suffocate you. If you’re not a fan of watching disgusting people eat, then you’ll hate this guy instantly. The way he rolls his eyes back into his head – The Undertaker style – will have you feeling repulsed but strangely fascinated at the same time. Laugh on, buddy, because Kim’s coming to find you…

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