Chinese Dude Gets Plastic Surgery To Look Like Kim Jong-un And It Looks Like The Procedure Was A Total Success

Usually these lookalike surgeries go completely wrong – but not this time.

Mentally ill people getting plastic surgery to look like their favourite celebrities is nothing new — but more often than not it goes horrifically wrong and person ends up looking like an absolute clown.

However in the case of some dude named Wang Lei from China, the surgery was a total success because he does looks just like everyone’s favourite evil dictator. That’s not even a racist joke about Asians all looking the same, he genuinely looks like him:

Real Kim

It remains to be seen whether Wang’s transformation will get him as much Asian ass as Kim gets, but he did meet one girl at the plastic surgery clinic when he went back for a check-up (she was getting a boob job done), who is now his girlfriend. Score!

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No wonder he wanted to look exactly like Kim – guy gets all the girls. We’re happy for him.

So long as he doesn’t start using Kim Jong-un’s actual name – we all know that makes him very, very angry.


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