KFC To Launch Meatless Chicken Wings Following Success Of Meatless Chicken Burger

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Finger lickin’ good?

Ah, the vegan trend. Despite being nothing more than a diet, it’s one of the most contentious topics of the modern world.

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And the latest news is only going to fuel the fire, as KFC is set to trial meatless (and therefore boneless) ‘chicken’ wings and meat-free nuggets following the nationwide success of their vegan burger.

No doubt Piers Morgan is going to have a lot to say about it.


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Regardless of the morning show host’s opinion, the fried chicken specialists are teaming up with Beyond Meat to create the recipes for these two menu additions.

If you want to try the recipes for yourself, unfortunately (unless you’re in the States) you’re going to have trouble, as KFC is only trying out the ‘Beyond Fried Chicken’ in a couple of US branches.

However, no doubt that if they do well across the pond, then they’ll bring them over to the UK in due time. And, let’s face it, they will – the fake chicken burger sold out in just four days.

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And if KFC decides not to go ahead with the plant-based wings and nuggets, you could always try out Burger King’s Impossible Burger. Or Gregg’s vegan sausage rolls. Or a meat-free Subway and salad. Looks like veganism’s hit the mainstream, folks.


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