Kevin Spacey Continues To Photobomb Everyone In Site – This Time It’s Matthew Perry And Conan O’Brien

Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey

So yesterday we ran an article about how Kevin Spacey was out jogging in Boston and saw a woman getting a photograph taken and so suddenly decided to yell ‘photobomb’ and jump into the picture and photobomb it like he was Bill Murray or something, but it turns out that this wasn’t his first venture into the world of photobombing as he had been at it over the weekend too.

Kevin Spacey was attending the confusingly named Vanity Fair – Bloomberg post-White House Correspondent’s Dinner party last weekend – as an aside I have got absolutely no idea what that is but I guess it sounds like fun if celebrities were there – and decided to get up to his new tricks there as well. When Matthew Perry and Conan O’Brien were posing for a picture together, Spacey couldn’t resist getting in between their two heads and throwing out one of his favourite villainous poses a la Francis Underwood or John Doe. It’s pretty much perfect and could even double as a movie poster or something.

Which photobomb do you think is better? Whilst both are undoubtedly great, I think that this one has to take it because of the positioning and Spacey’s face. The other one looks a bit shaky and it’s taken from too far back really to look as good as this one does close up. Also Matthew Perry is kind of fat in this one which is kinda funny.

Check it out below:

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Kevin Spacey Photobomb 2


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