Katie Price Goes Ballistic, Smashes Her iPhone After It Fails To Recognise Her Surgically Scarred Face

Seems healthy.

Katie Price recently underwent some major cosmetic surgery in Turkey, including a boob job, face lift and bum lift reversal.

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In fact she had to fly back to Turkey following the procedures because her pus-filled face wounds wouldn’t heal, so you can imagine it’s been a pretty stressful time for the Page 3 legend.

So with that in mind, the last thing Katie Price needed was to get locked out of her iPhone, but that’s exactly what happened after her phone’s facial recognition technology failed to recogniser her new face. Katie also forgot her iPhone’s pin code, meaning she had no way of logging in.

Katie worried her pals by “exploding” with rage and smashing her iPhone upon realising she couldn’t access it.

A source told the Mirror:

Katie was furious when her iPhone refused to recognise her new face.

She couldn’t remember the passcode and since her surgery the phone has refused to accept facial recognition.

It was confirmation that her appearance is dramatically changing.

She’s smashed the screen in anger because she keeps making to many wrong attempts and the phone locks her out.

Welp, when your own phone doesn’t recognise you it might be time to acknowledge that you’ve overdone the cosmetic work just a little bit. Maybe she didn’t realise just how much this surgery changed her face which is why she lost the plot and ended up smashing her phone. Doesn’t really seem like a healthy reaction though.

Obviously this wouldn’t have been a problem if she just remembered her passcode or wrote it down somewhere. She also could have just borrowed her friend’s phone instead of going into total meltdown? Come on Katie – pull yourself together.

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