Watch Out – Katie Price Is Planning To Relaunch Her Singing Career

This is going to open up a whole new world of pain.

Ah Katie Price, the gift that keeps on giving. She’s been on a bit of a one-woman rampage over the past couple of years, culminating recently with a string of (new) surgeries, a stripping contest and a subsequent public dumping.

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Showing absolutely no signs of slowing down at the tender age of 41, now the former glamour model looks set to relaunch her singing career – news which I’m sure most will agree is definitely not music to our ears. Anyone who heard the pre-autotune recording of her ‘A Whole New World’ rendition will understand why.

Nevertheless, according to recent reports, Katie’s back in the recording studio and giving it another go, with an insider saying:

Katie has wanted to get back into the studio for a while and she finally ready to relaunch her music career.

She’s loved being back in the studio and has already started recording new songs – it could lead to a new album!

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Gulp – I dread to think what that’s gonna entail. That said, she certainly does have a lot of material to work with when it comes to creating lyrics. Her life up to now has been anything but bland.

We can only hope and pray that she’s working with a vocal coach this time around.

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