Katie Price Introducing New Boyfriend To Her Mum Is The Most Awkward Video You’ll Watch Today


Katie Price was once worth £45 million, but as one sex tape industry expert revealed recently, those days are long gone.

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Her reality TV show ‘Katie Price: My Crazy Life’ is still going strong however, and she recently switched things up on the show and in her personal life by introducing mum Amy to hew new boyfriend, weight-loss specialist Kris Boyson.

Now it’s always a nervy occasion when meeting your partner’s parents, but you’ve got to feel for Kris – he never stood a chance here.

Watch below:

Way to make the guy feel welcome eh? Although I guess you can’t really blame Amy Price for being cynical given her daughter’s history with men. Not that there’s anything wrong with having a new boyfriend every few months, but you can hardly expect her mum to lay out the red carpet every time.

Not that it really matters, as long as Katie’s enjoying herself:

The real good thing about Chris is he treats me the way a man is meant to treat me.

He opens the door for me, he’s a proper old fashioned gentleman and I like that, I’ve never had anyone like that.

I call him undercover fit. When he wears a top you would never know the body he has underneath those T-shirts. I can’t stop staring at him when he’s in his pants and that.

Sounds like a real love story for the ages. I think he might be the one this time, you guys!

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