Harvey Price Just Completely Rinsed His Mother Katie With Killer Impression

Harvey Price

Classic Harvey.

Harvey Price is a celebrity in his own right these days after his legendary putdown of online trolls last year and it seems that despite his multiple disabilities he’s still able to live a relatively enjoyable life where he regularly manages to rip anyone that gets in his way.

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Latest on his hitlist was his own mother Katie, who decided to upload a video of her, Harvey and the rest of the family playing a game on New Year’s Day yesterday. The game involved Harvey and the other kids doing impressions of each other and various animals, and when it came time for Harvey do one of Katie, he instantly almost without thinking decided to rinse her over the way she shouted at the family dog Kevin.

Probably better if you don’t know what he says as it’ll be funnier when you hear it:

Classic Harvey – guy knows when to pull out a swear word for top comedy effect, a talent that seems to be lost on a lot of actual comedians these days. Maybe he’s got a future in the business.

To relive Harvey’s classic takedown of online trolls then click here. Legendary.


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