This Woman’s Life Is Ruined Because A ‘Viral Video Star’ Pretended She Called Him The N-Word

Unbelievably cruel and unfair.

At a time when racial tensions are running high across America, one of the worst things you can do is fake a hate crime (shout out Jussie Smollett) that undermines real victims of racial abuse.

Worse still is when you falsely accuse people of racism and destroy their lives in an effort to go viral, as Seattle-based ‘viral star’ Karlos Dillard did recently. Watch below:

So Karlos begins the clip and a series of Instagram stories he put together on the incident describing a road rage confrontation with this ‘Karen’, but later escalates this – without a shred of evidence – into a claim that this woman was racist towards him. The woman, who has a black husband, is clearly unbelievably distressed and goes into meltdown as Karlos films her face and license plate number and blasts it all over the internet. The woman has since gone viral and been doxed and is being abused all over social media.

Anyone with a shred of empathy seeing how traumatised this woman is would put the camera down and give her a chance to speak properly. Instead, Karlos keeps winding her up, taking advantage of the popular Karen meme of white women using their privilege to engage in racism, as a means to portray himself as a victim and boost his social media status.

Well according to research by Heavy and others on Twitter, Karlos Dillard has previous form here. He has a history of falsely accusing white and Asian women of calling him the N-word while filming them. Here’s another example:

Karlos has also been selling ‘Karen’ T-shirts that reference the incidents. Bit convenient?

He also has a website where he describes himself as “more than a viral video star”:

Additionally, he appeared on an episode of ‘Divorce Court’ in 2018 and published a memoir about his life in February 2020 (who even heard of the guy before this?). Most amazingly though… Karlos Dillard is a gay Trump supporter! What?!

Here are some of the things people have been saying about Karlos since his video got called into question:

So thanks to the power of the internet, it looks like people are catching on to this guy’s bullshit. Unfortunately, the video has already been viewed over 4 million times and is STILL on Twitter even though it’s been reported a bunch of times. The lady’s name and address have been passed around online which we won’t be sharing, so I’m afraid the damage may have already been done. Like that one Tweeter says let’s hope this lady or another one of his victims take his arse to court and make him realise that you cannot get away with diabolical shit like this.

To meet a real Karen, get a load of this woman who sat on a teenager’s car so her daughter could get a parking spot first. Mum goals?


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