Car Park Karen Sits On Teen’s Car So Her Daughter Can Get A Parking Spot (VIDEO)

The final boss of Karens.

It’s pretty much impossible to get on the internet these days without seeing some new video of a Karen behaving like an entitled idiot and going viral in the process, and sure enough today we have this woman, possibly the Queen of Karens, doing her bit to keep the stereotype alive.

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The uploader, a girl named Savannah, says the woman had been blocking beach traffic waiting for a spot to open up, and felt that the one Savannah and her friend Brooke were about to claim was her rightful spot. When the teens disagreed, she responded by sitting on their car while yelling for her daughter to pull into the spot:

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Unreal. The craziest part is that no matter how many Karen videos do the rounds online, these women still want to act like utter prats. In fact I reckon being in quarantine for so long has made them worse? They got used to bossing everyone about around the house so now they think they can do the same thing in the real world with everyone they meet.

Look – she’s even wearing a “Live, Laugh, Love” shirt FFS. How much more “Karen” can you get?

Fair play to those girls for not just running her over I suppose. That must have taken a fair bit of self-control. What might’ve been funny is if they’d just suddenly taken the car into reverse and watched her fall flat on her butt. I think that would be justifiable considering the massive dent she probably left on the car.

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