Kanye West Goes Crazy At Jimmy Kimmel On Twitter

Kanye West wasn’t too happy with the spoof Jimmy Kimmel did of his Zane Lowe interview, so he went crazy on Twitter.

If you haven’t seen Kanye West’s jokes interview with Zane Lowe, watch it here.

Turns out we weren’t the only ones who thought it was funny — Jimmy Kimmel made a spoof of the interview for his show in the States and unsurprisingly Kanye West wasn’t too happy about it.

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What does Kanye do? Get on some yoga until his anger subsides? Call Jimmy Kimmel privately and tell him he didn’t think it was very nice? Nope, he jumps on Twitter and bangs out these tweets:

Given Kimmel’s recent history of staging virals it could turn out next week that they both planned this together, but then it’s Kanye West so actually losing his head over this is just as likely.

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Update – Jimmy Kimmel responds to Kanye West’s tweets, one by one:

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