Kanye West Grabs Woman’s Phone And Smashes It On The Floor (VIDEO)

Here we go again.

Kanye West hasn’t really been out of the news in the past six months due to his well publicised breakdown and weird anti-semitic views and it seems like it might actually finally be getting to him if this latest clip is anything to go by.

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Kanye was already filmed getting heated with a member of the paparazzi earlier this week and it seems like things haven’t let up since then. In the clip below, Kanye appears to have stopped his car and confronted another vehicle behind him that had been following them, before grabbing the woman’s phone – who is obviously filming him again – and throwing it off into the distance.

Pretty aggy:

Yeah I guess you would be annoyed if you were Kanye West and everyone was following you all the time and even when you went over and tried to initiate a reasonable conversation with them they just continued to film you, but the guy can’t really be going around throwing people’s phones like that. You would have thought that he would have finally got used it by now right?

Anyway, if this video going viral isn’t enough of a problem for Kanye, he’s know been named as a suspect in a battery with deputies from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department in California for his part in the incident. The woman is apparently thinking about suing him too. I doubt it’s gonna be that much of a problem for him in the long run, but even so it’s gonna be pretty annoying for the guy. Maybe he should just stop acting like a douchebag in general and it might help the situation though hey?

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