“I’ll Take Your Camera Right Now” – Kanye West Gets Heated With Paparazzi Harassing Him & New Wife

Kanye has been beefing with paparazzi again.

Ever since he was caught on camera walking into that street sign, Kanye West’s hatred for paparazzi has known no bounds. In fact I don’t think there’s a celebrity out there who hates the paparazzi more than Ye does. And so it was only a matter of time before he snapped at them again, this time while he was out and about with new wife Bianca Censori:

What’s really annoying about it (aside from being followed everywhere by these losers) is how the paps talk in such an insincere, anti-antagonistic way in order to make whoever is annoyed at them feel like they’re the ones in the wrong. Which, from their perspective, I guess makes sense – they’re just doing their jobs. But it really is fxcked up how certain celebrities can’t go anywhere or do anything without being stalked by a bunch of weirdos with cameras. That’s the price of mega fame, I suppose.

Kanye did one meet some paparazzi he liked though – during a delightful trip to Paris. See? You’ve just got to catch him on a good day.


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