Kanye West Breaks Silence On Why He Met With Donald Trump In Trump Tower


This does not look good.

Donald Trump continues to perplex everyone by pretty much treating the Presidency like a TV show/complete joke as he took time out yesterday to hold a meeting with none other than Kanye West himself in Trump Tower. Obviously the pair had a lot of important issues to discuss.

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Given that this was Kanye’s first public appearance since his mental breakdown – and despite the fact that the meeting wasn’t a secret and was very well publicised – the pair refused to explain what they had talked about following it and remained tight lipped. Instead they just posed for pictures with Trump offering the vague answer that they spoke “about life” and were “great friends” when questioned about it:

Speculation mounted that Kanye was set to be offered a position in Trump’s cabinet – I mean Linda McMahon from the WWE already has one – but Yeezus eventually came clean via his Twitter account to let the world know what was going on:

So there you have it – the only way that future change can be achieved is if you have a direct line with the President, so I suppose any of us that don’t have access to that can forget any issues we need sorting out being addressed any time soon. If you’re Kanye West though, it’s not trouble at all for the President to take time out of his busy schedule for a meeting to talk about Chicago. All good.

The eagle eyed amongst you will also notice that last tweet about 2024. This is probably a reference to the fact that Kanye has previously said that he wanted to run for President in 2020, so presumably Trump saw him as a threat for that election and convinced him in this meeting to run instead in 2024, when he’ll probably win with Trump’s full support.

You heard it here first and yeah, things can get a lot worse than they already are. Kanye West being President would be even dumber than Donald Trump being President, and that really is saying something.

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