WWE Owner Linda McMahon Is Officially Joining Donald Trump’s Cabinet


2016 just got dumber.

We brought you the news recently that it was rumoured that Donald Trump was considering WWE owner and wife of Vince McMahon, Linda McMahon for a position in his new cabinet.

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When we told you that, you might have thought it was too stupid to possibly ever happen but guess what? This is 2016, so of course it has now been confirmed, with Trump yesterday announcing that Linda was indeed going to serve as the Head Of Small Business Administration within his cabinet:

In case you were wondering what the Small Business Administration actually does, then apparently it ‘has at least one office in every U.S. state and provides support to small businesses such as extending loans and making sure they get a percentage of federal contracts.’ Cool little department by the sound of things.

That doesn’t really sound like that important a role in the grand scheme of things, compared to the positions that Trump could have handed her so maybe it will actually work out? In fairness to Linda and Trump, they probably do know a thing or two about being entrepreneurs and turning small businesses into booming billion dollar empires, so perhaps this will actually serve to help the American people.

Does Trump actually have some kind of plan with the cabinet he’s assembling and actually know what he’s doing? It seems doubtful, but in reality only time will tell – it didn’t seem like it was off to a great start when he appointed someone as his Secretary Of Defense who wasn’t legally allowed to hold that position. Classic Trump.


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