Justin Timberlake Is Being Ripped After Voicing His Support For Britney Spears A Few Years ‘Too Late’

What a stand up guy.

It’s been a hell of a week for Britney Spears after she finally spoke out in court about the nightmare living conditions she’d endured living under her dad’s ‘conservatorship’, and how that meant her father has been controlling her career, finances, love life and even her body all these years.

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Well considering all the grief Britney received dating Justin Timberlake all those years back, it’s nice to see him offering his support at this time…

Well, well, well. What a stand up guy eh? The recent Britney documentary made it very clear that ending her relationship with Justin Timberlake was used against her in the media, making her look like some kind of crazy slag who was cheating on and corrupting him. Meanwhile, Justin went from strength to strength. He became one of the most fawned after celebrities in Hollywood and banged any girl he wanted.

A few Tweeters let him know it…

Well either way, nice to see JT finally saying something in support of Britney Spears. Compared to her, he’s had an easy ride. Let’s hope Britney finally having the guts to speak up leads to all the changes she would like to make in her life. Go Britney Go!

For the clip that resurfaced earlier which seems to confirm Britney Spears was being forced on stage while mentally/physically unfit, click HERE.


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