Justin Bieber Visits Strip Club; Stripper Live Tweets What Went Down

Justin Bieber Stripper

What were you up to on Saturday night? Justin Bieber was at a strip club and luckily for us, the stripper decided to live tweet about her experience with him.

They grow up so fast don’t they? Justin Bieber has been doing so much crap lately – pissing people off by showing up two hours late for his show, punching paparazzi, spitting in his neighbour’s face, getting into fights with DJs for not playing hip hop – and now he’s taken to frequenting strip clubs.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, Justin Bieber was in Texas with his good friend Floyd Mayweather (yeah, apparently the two get on like a house on fire) at a Houston gentleman’s club called VLive which describes itself as ‘a place where girls do things that leave marks.’ Normally, it would be really hard to find out what went on that night in the strip club, but thankfully the stripper that entertained Justin and Floyd has an insanely overactive twitter account and pretty much tweeted everything that happened, including a picture of the huge pile of money that the pair left her.

And when I say huge I mean like more money than I’ll probably ever see in my life – even though they’re all $1 bills it’s still a hell of a lot of them. Check out everything that went down below:

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Justin Bieber Strippet Tweet 2

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