Justin Bieber Trying (And Failing) To Shotgun A Beer Properly Is The Lamest Thing You’ll See Today

Justin Bieber Shotgunning Beers

Whilst this isn’t exactly surprising, it is kinda surprising that he decided to share it on his Instagram.

Although it seemed like Justin Bieber may have turned over a new leaf towards the end of last year, he was back to his old self last week when he got a dumb new haircut and threw a tantrum on a TV show. Quite what he was hoping to achieve by posting this video on his Instagram is anybody’s guess.

Bieber was in Las Vegas over the weekend for his buddy Floyd Mayweather’s retirement fight against Andre Berto, and he decided that it would be a good idea to get in a beer shotgunning contest with somebody who we can only assume is named Sammy. As you might have already surmised, it didn’t go too well for Bieber and pretty much made him look like a little wiener, but hey that didn’t stop him posting it to his Instagram so we can all laugh at him about it, so I guess we should be thankful.

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Well there you have it. He’s lame at shotgunning beers but hey he never went to college so I guess he wins. Still, how did he never shotgun a beer even once in his life partying with his posse all over the world?

I guess nobody wants to mess with Biebs though so they probably just let him win at beer pong all the time. Or maybe use this all in one beer AND weed bong. I feel like that’s more Justin Bieber’s vibe.


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