WATCH: Joe Biden Just Tried To Chirpse A Senator’s 10-Year-Old Daughter On Live TV

Calm down there, Mr. Vice President.

Yesterday evening, US Vice President Joe Biden was assigned to swear in newly elected/reelected members of the senate, and got to meet some of their friends and family in the process.

Social media picked up on a weird few moments where Biden whispers into the ear of one senator’s 10-year-old daughter and then tries to kiss her on the cheek. Sounds innocent enough when you read it, but there’s something undoubtedly shifty about the interaction.

(It’s all pretty creepy I guess, but it picks up at around 1:50:)

So the question is, what could Joe Biden possibly be saying to a 10-year-old girl he just met? Not to mention the way he drops a “see you back home, I hope” as he’s saying goodbye to them. C-R-E-E-P-Y.

Looks like Prince Andrew and Mario Balotelli aren’t the only ones we have to worry about.


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