It wasn’t just Creep in Jim Carrey’s set at the weekend, he also dropped the Smashing Pumpkin’s classic Bullet With Butterfly Wings.

So you probably checked out the post that we stuck up yesterday about Jim Carrey turning into a hipster and performing a cover of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ in the hip New York bar Arlene’s Grocery, but it turns out it that wasn’t the whole story. Jim Carrey actually stuck around for TWO more songs at his impromptu performance on Friday night – the two songs being the Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘Bullet With Butterfly Wings’ and a Bee Gee’s song called ‘I Started a Joke.’ It turns out that the band playing with him aren’t his buddies or anything either – Arelene’s Grocery actually has a hipster karaoke band playing every Friday and all the hipsters get up on stage and bust out their best cover of a song that nobody has heard of ever Friday, so it makes the fact that Jim Carrey went in there and did karaoke just for a kicks a bit more believable than I originally thought and makes me think maybe it did just happen and wasn’t just a publicity stunt. But who knows?

I sure don’t, but I’ve got both of the videos below. Jim Carrey’s ‘Bullet With Butterfly Wings’ isn’t as good as his cover of ‘Creep,’ mainly because Jim Carrey is trying too hard to mimic Billy Corgan’s voice at some points and his voice just changes all the way through it and sounds weird, especially on the final chorus where he sounds like Edwyn Collins or something. I don’t know the Bee Gees song Jim Carrey covers but that isn’t too good either as he doesn’t sound anything like either of the Gibbs brothers but more like Frank Black from the Pixies. That clip is slightly shorter too so you don’t really get as big a chance to judge it. Anyway check out the Jim Carrey karaoke clips below and have a giggle. Oh and I promise Jim Carrey isn’t going to take over all the stories on Sick Chirpse like Charlie Sheen did a few months ago. No way. Promise.



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