Man Goes To Lady’s House After Seeing Her Walking Alone, Confesses To Husband He Planned To Rape & Kill Her

Creepy AF.

A man has been arrested in Las Vegas after terrifying Ring doorbell footage captured him stalking a woman who he had followed home.

To make things even scarier, Amanda Nowak’s husband was away on business and although he did manage to speak to the man through the Ring camera, he then had to listen to this psychopath confess that he planned on raping and killing his wife…

Jesus. Imagine if he’d kicked in the door or smashed through a window? He’d have been able to do anything he wanted by the time police turned up.

Amanda shared the video alongside this status on Facebook:

So this happened tonight… pretty scary! I was home alone. You’ll hear my husband jump on the Ring after a bit, he wasn’t here… I was hiding where this guy couldn’t see me and I never said a word.. that whole beginning he’s just talking to himself.

“Police were called, the lady from 911 stayed on the line until the cops got here. File was reported and I showed him the video…Hubby is home now. Lock your doors friends!!

The footage is now doing the rounds and being used by a section of Americans as a perfect example as to why every home needs a firearm and why women should know how to use guns. Obviously the gun debate in America is a lot more complex than that, but I think anyone watching this video would forgive the lady for emptying an entire magazine into this weirdo if he’d forced his way inside.

The good news is this creep was caught and charged with stalking, coercion and obstructing a police officer, according to Newsweek. Going off that footage it seemed like only a matter of time before this lunatic seriously hurt somebody, so let’s hope they put him somewhere where he’s no danger to women or anyone else for a long time.

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