DJ Mehdi has reportedly died after an accident.

DJ Mehdi has reportedly died after an accident.  Mixmag have reported that DJ Mehdi died yesterday following an accident, with some reports on Twitter saying that he has fallen from a balcony. Neither of these have been confirmed by DJ Mehdi’s manager or by anyone from Ed Banger at this point in time though. However, it does seem that unfortunately DJ Mehdi is a goner as rumours like these are generally never wrong – it’s just a matter of time before a statement gets released. According to Wikipedia – which isn’t exactly reliable – DJ Mehdi was celebrating the birthday of Riton, his partner in Carte Blanche, on the roof of his house with several others when it collapsed. DJ Mehdi is the only reported casualty but several others are said to be injured. DJ Mehdi is dead.

If this news is true then it is a sad day in Music history. DJ Mehdi was a well respected DJ, producer and remixer. Those who have played alongside him have been voicing their sorrow across Twitter, with everyone commenting on how much of a nice guy DJ Mehdi was when meeting him. Artists such as Skream, Mr Ozio, A Trak, Chromeo, Herve and Felix Da Housecat have all spoken up regarding Medhi’s reported death on Twitter.

Here’s my favourite DJ Medhi song and video which hopefully you’ll enjoy too. It’s DJ Mehdi – I Am Somebody. Chromeo does some guest vocals on the track too I think. I remember when I was hanging out in my house one night getting baked when I was at uni, I had never even heard of DJ Medhi but my housemate DanX told me I had to check the new DJ Medhi track out because it was a banger and the video was even sicker. I’ve got to admit, even now DJ Mehdi’s ‘I Am Somebody’ is probably still one of my favourite videos ever, and is probably the track that got me into all that Ed Banger stuff as I was pretty much only interested in punk (and maybe a little nu-metal) back in 2005/2006 or whenever I first heard this DJ Mehdi track. So thanks for getting me out of that funk DJ Mehdi and thanks for the good times. RIP DJ Mehdi.



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