Watch This Jihadist Accidentally Get Blown Up While Filming A Propaganda Video


The Internet’s really spoiling us with videos of terrorists getting blown to smithereens recently, I think my favourite was the British pilot who used a GIANT bomb to kill just one sniper chilling on the roof. Classic.

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This video posted on YouTube shows a jihadi fighter — apparently aligned with Ajnad al-Sham (they’re boys with Al-Qaeda) — describing how they’d captured Tal Sukayk in the Hama countryside in Syria.

The man says:

Thank God, it turned out to be easier than we thought despite the fact that this position was very important.

Moments later:

Another Four Lions-style terrorist cock-up? A staged video from the US or a rival group trying to make these guys look like dumbasses? Got to be open-minded about these things, but in my opinion that looked real as shit and the screams afterwards were absolutely horrific and legit-sounding.

If you’d now like to see an ISIS militant capture his own death on GoPro helmet cam – click HERE.


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