Watch Jeremy Corbyn Launch Into His Election Campaign Like A True Badass

Jeremy Corbyn

It’s all kicking off.

This week saw Theresa May announce the news that there will be a snap general election in the UK on June 8th. This was quite a big U-turn from May, who has previously insisted that she would definitely not hold another election in the near future.

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Despite months of speculation over Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership skills, it appears that the Labour leader is back to fight his corner and prove why he would make a good Prime Minister.

Let’s start by saying there are many benefits to Corbyn, including his belief in democracy, his policy of renationalising the railways, progressive tax policies and his yearning to crack down on tax evasion, his policies on tackling homelessness, his opposition to nuclear weaponry, his policies on tackling university tuition fees and the fact that, unlike most of the leading politicians, he didn’t study the same Politics, Philosophy and Economics degree at Oxford University or go to Cambridge, but instead did a short stint at North London Polytechnic before working his way up through his local council… phew.

To prove why he is a man for the people, not for the rich elite, Corbyn has launched into his election campaign like an absolute badass, by vowing to “overturn the rigged system” and put power and wealth back into the hands of the people. In his first major general election speech, he says that Labour can defy the “establishment experts” and added that they would not hold back on a second EU referendum. But his most badass statement has to be: “They say we don’t play by the rules… they’re quite right.”

Inspirational stuff. Is it enough to convince the general public on June 8th? Only time will tell.

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