Theresa May Just Called A Snap General Election For June 8th

What a s**t show.

Following on from the Brexit vote and the mess that it seems to have left the entire country in, Theresa May has been fairly adamant that she wouldn’t call a general election in the near future.

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Well, that’s gone completely out of the window as May has just appeared outside 10 Downing Street announcing that she’ll be calling a snap general election on June 8th. She cited the fact that the process behind Brexit has been hampered at every turn and the only way for it to proceed would be under a fully unified and ‘nationally backed’ government (assuming anyone actually bothers to vote) as her reasons for this:

It is in the national interest.

The only way to guarantee certainty and stability for the years ahead is to hold this election and seek your support for the decisions I must take.

Well, I suppose that kind of makes sense but you still get the feeling that calling two general elections in two years isn’t exactly the best idea and makes us look like kind of a shit show to the rest of the world. Considering what’s going on pretty much everywhere else though, maybe it’s not so bad in the grand scheme of things? A nuclear war would be way worse when you think about it.

The general election still might not happen as it needs to be backed by MPs in a vote tomorrow, but that’s probably a formality. Can’t wait to see how this develops over the next couple of months…

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