Solange Attacked Jay-Z Because He Wanted To Go To Rihanna’s After Party Without Beyonce

The reason why Solange whooped Jay Z in that elevator is out – he insisted on going to Rihanna’s after party without Beyonce.

You just knew there was 100% another woman involved in all this. Had to be a reason why Beyonce just stood there doing nothing while her sister pretty much mauled Jay-Z to pieces. You don’t just stand back and watch your husband get torn apart if you think he doesn’t deserve it, and insisting you go to Rihanna’s after party without your wife is definitely deserving of an arse-kicking.

Why is it such a big deal if Jay-Z goes to Rihanna’s after party alone, you ask? We’ll tell you why – because he’s banging Rihanna. 100% guaranteed. I know it, you know it, Solange knows it, everyone knows it. That news will break whenever it breaks but don’t forget who reported it as a fact first.

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