VIDEO: Beyonce’s Sister Solange Knowles Kicks The Shit Out Of Jay-Z In Hotel Elevator

TMZ obtained this CCTV footage from inside a swanky hotel elevator, showing Solange Knowles violently assaulting Jay -Z.

Here we all are thinking what a sweet life Jay-Z has — he’s rich beyond his wildest dreams, his wife is one of the most beautiful/successful women on the planet, he owns a basketball team, etc etc. Well turns out he’s also susceptible to getting the crap kicked out of him by his superstar wife’s little sister in hotel elevators, with only the presence of his bodyguard saving him from being completely torn apart. It’s no joke fight either, she is PISSED about something.

TMZ obtained the CCTV footage from inside the elevator, where you can also see Beyonce chilling and doing nothing whatsoever to help:

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