Unreal Video Of Japanese Bees Teaming Up To ‘Cook A Murder Hornet Alive’ (VIDEO)

Looks like murder hornets aren’t so tough after all.

We’ve shared a couple of terrifying murder hornet videos today – first, the lunatic who offered to get stung by one to see what it feels like, and then another video of a murder hornet brutalising a mouse to death.

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Well, it turns out that murder hornets may not be as tough as we all thought. Well at least not when they come up against an entire colony of Japanese honeybees, anyway.

According to this video shared by Insider, Japanese honeybees have developed a technique called “hot defensive bee ball” to fight murder hornets. It basically involves them swarming all over a single hornet and collectively vibrating – roasting the murder hornet to death.

It’s actually incredible to watch:

After seeing regular bees get absolutely slaughtered by murder hornets in other videos, that was actually pretty satisfying to watch. Payback is a bitch indeed!

What’s unbelievable is that the honeybees figured out exactly the perfect temperature to roast the murder hornet without killing themselves in the process. Let’s recap – as explained by the narrator:

– The Japanese honeybee can withstand temperatures up to 118°

– The hornet can withstand temperatures up to 115°

– The Japanese honeybee heats itself up to a perfect 117°

Resulting in the murder hornet being roasted alive. 🔥🐝

So since Japanese honeybees have figured this out, maybe it’s only a matter of time before American and European bees figure it out too. Until then we’re going to have to fend for ourselves when faced with the inevitable murder hornet invasion. Good luck.

To watch a battle to the death between a bee and a wasp, click HERE.


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