Watch This Lunatic Get Stung By A Japanese Murder Hornet And Go Absolutely Mental

These guys aren’t messing around.

One of the subplots of Coronavirus that may have flown under the radar for you is the fact that a bug known as the Japanese murder hornet as slowly started to be spotted in the United States and there are fears that its arrival could lead to deaths within both the human and honeybee population.

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The dangers to humans aren’t that huge as they’re only responsible for around 50 deaths a year in Japan, but even so the fact that they’re called murder hornets is probably enough to scare the shit out of most people. The real threat is to the honeybee population, as it’s the MO of the murder hornet to attack beehives, decapitate and kill the adults and then eat the larvae and pupae. Nature, man.

With the imminent threat of murder hornets approaching Americans though, YouTuber Coyote Peterson decided to take one for the team and get bitten by one to see what it felt like. You can take a look at that around the 11 minute mark, but let me tell you boy does it not look like a fun time what so ever:

The hours following my brutal sting, were some of the most painful I have ever faced, and my arm continued swelling to nearly double its normal size.

There’s no question about it, through my personal experience, the Japanese giant hornet ranks as a four on the insect sting pain index. And in this very moment, I consider it to be the most painful sting in the world.

These guys aren’t messing around then. Fortunately, there’s absolutely no chat about them coming to the UK so I think we’ll be safe from them for the time being. Although the way 2020 is going, they’ll probably show up tomorrow.

For more of the same, check out some pictures of them in action over in Japan. Creepy stuff.


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