This Supercut Of James Bond’s Most Inappropriate Moments Would Cause Serious Outrage In 2019

Before feminism existed.

We’ve all seen the outrageous interview where Sean Connery says it’s OK to slap women (watch HERE if you’ve not seen it), and I guess in hindsight that made him a good fit for the James Bond role back in the day.

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A lot of these old school Bond moments would cause some serious outrage if they were to be included in the modern versions.

Here’s just a few of them.

Just a tad bit rape-y. Not exactly the gentlemanly behaviour you would equate with James Bond nowadays. OK some may argue it’s not really sexual assault if the guy doing it is as handsome as Roger Moore, but those people would be so, so wrong.

Come to think of it didn’t Daniel Craig pump and dump Monica Bellucci in Spectre? Guess things haven’t changed that much.


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