Sean Connery’s Views On Beating Women Makes For The Most Outrageously Sexist Interview Ever

Sean Connery wound up pretty much everyone by endorsing violence against women on these two separate occasions.

Get a load of Sean Connery here. Just as ‘old school’ and misogynistic as it gets and you can bet the guy’s not going to change at this point. First, check out this quote he gave to Playboy back in 1965, when I guess saying something as ridiculous as this didn’t cause the same kind of uproar as it would today:

Now check out how he responded when Barbara Walters called him out on this quote in an interview 20 years later (again, when you could probably say shit like this without receiving the kind of backlash you would nowadays). Guy genuinely doesn’t have a clue what the big deal is and leaves Walters (and anyone else watching) with no choice but to give up on him. Wonder if he’d approach the topic a little differently in 2014?

Watch below:


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