Jada Pinkett Smith Is Not Happy With Chris Rock’s Netflix Special; Calls Him Obsessed



You couldn’t move around this time last year without hearing about something relating to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock during the 2022 Oscar ceremony (check out the best memes) but it’s taken almost that long for Chris Rock to come out and speak publicly about it.

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Rock chose to monetise the slap as much as possible and effectively reignite his stand up career by saving htis response for his new Netflix special ‘Selective Outrage’ – a move that you can’t really blame him for to be fair. The show premiered over the weekend and obviously Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith aren’t too happy about some of the quips that Rock has been cracking during it.

Firstly, there’s a bit about Jada Pinkett Smith cheating on Will Smith and her ‘entanglements’ and then Rock finishes up with a special message for Will Smith about why he’s a bxtch:

Yeah that’s essentially Chris Rock calling Will Smith a bxtch over and over again and it’s kinda funny, but I’m not sure why he’s getting paid millions of pounds for that level of standup though. Maybe I’m just a hater?

Anyway, Jada Pinkett Smith was definitely not happy with all that, with an inside source saying the following:

Jada has had no part in all of this other than being heckled.

Chris is obsessed with her and that’s been going on for almost 30 years.

Look where he chose to film his Netflix special. Her hometown [of Baltimore]. Obsessed.

Back in 2016 she helped start a movement with the Academy Awards by questioning why there are so few Black members, and Chris took it to this?

Lol what? I don’t wanna call out the ‘source’ here but it seems a bit much to think that Chris Rock picked Baltimore as the town to host the special because it’s Jada’s hometown? That seems like something that nobody in their right mind would care about under any circumstances?

Anyway, other than that are we leaning into some kind of Meghan Markle/Piers Morgan situation where it turns out that Chris Rock is actually obsessed with Jada Pinkett Smith? A couple of jokes he made about her in the past have resurfaced but I don’t think we can really say that it’s anywhere near that level when Rock went almost a year without speaking about this incident and then those jokes up there were the best he could come up with.

It’s hardly even a response, let alone an obsession and it’s only fair that he was allowed some kind of reaction after what happened to him. Basically, the sooner Jada and Will and whoever else stop talking about it, the sooner it everyone else will and the situation will be well and truly de-escalated.

Feels like it’s going to go on for a few more weeks at least though after this leak. Great.

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